“I’m a 37 year-old Finance Director, been living aboard 4.5 years, was paying £950/month rent in Fulham and hated the location and my characterless flat, knew someone who’d bought an nb a year prior, went on a trip with him and he showed me the worst part (elsan), then I did around 6 months’ research through YouTube and fb London Boaters re 12v electrics, knots, navigation, etiquette, handbook, common engine troubles, etc. and figured the lifestyle would be great, plus my money goes into an asset, not someone else’s pocket. Viewed an nb but just felt it was a little too tight, especially if I were to get a gf who moved in! Viewed this wb and loved it within a couple of seconds, just got that feeling. Internal room proportions were perfect, though my friends say the bathroom is far too big ha. My money has gone on making it functional: first was 630w solar, then Morco hot water, Eberspacher repair (I’ve since repaired it twice more, but it broke a fourth time so I’ve given up), new batteries, pure sine 2500w inverter, 7-stage water filtration unit, compost loo (hence all the green buckets on the roof 🙂) and I’m not bothered about the slightly dated internal decor, or it looking quite scrappy on the outside. Means it’s less attractive to burglars, which is a bonus. It’s 60x10, called McAbacus (combination of the Boaty McBoatface story, and the abacus as I’m mathematically-minded).” —Howie, owner of McAbacus
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