Based in London, I work worldwide virtually and in-person. I specialize in designing presentations for live events. Pre-pandemic this often involved carefully shaping content to fit panoramic screens on convention center stages. These days things tend to be aimed at smaller screens for virtual events. I love the collaboration and coordination of creative and technical teams that make storytelling in these contexts possible, and sometimes truly magical. 
My approach to art direction begins with strong typography and carefully chosen images in support of a story. Video, motion graphics and animation make their way into my projects sparingly. 
After 20 years in a rent-controlled flat in the Mission district of San Francisco, I moved to London where I now live on the Regent’s Canal. Join me one day for a glass of wine and I might tell you how my daughter and I came to name our boat the Sleeping Kitten’s Moment.
Please get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with me.
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