Design is about intent

As a designer specializing in creation of presentations for corporate events, one of the most difficult things to get across to people who are immersed in the ideologies of business process and management is that the supporting graphics I’m creating for them need to have a single focus. I’m often asked to create a graphics template for an event. Or worse, I’m asked to convert an existing presentation to new template. “Clean it up, make it look good,” might be the direction. But design is goes much deeper than the format of a presentation. Good design requires becoming clear about what you mean.

John R. Moran expands this idea to running a company:

The opposite of design, then, is the failure to develop and employ intent in making creative decisions. This doesn’t sound hard, but, astonishingly, no other leading tech company makes intentional design choices like Apple. Instead, they all commit at least one of what I term the Three Design Evasions.

via Daring Fireball